Cool Surveillance Cameras You Can Watch From Your Smartphone

21 June 2018
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When most homeowners think of adding a surveillance system to their home, they envision these expensive setups with multiple cameras, a bunch of wires, and a room set up for viewing all of the captured videos. This may be what home surveillance once looked like, but in the age of technology, home surveillance cameras are a lot cooler. You can get all kinds of neat surveillance cameras, some that don't look like cameras at all, that you can watch from your smartphone. Read More …

Getting An Alarm System? 2 Must Have Components To Include In Your Security Package

10 April 2018
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Installing an alarm system in your place of residence is about much more than just keeping intruders out of your home. Alarm systems increase your peace of mind and help you to feel calm and relaxed when you're at home. If you've never had an alarm system before or it's been some time since you had one there are lots of new features that you may not know about. These additional features are there to make your house even more secure and can truly help to keep you safe. Read More …