Cool Surveillance Cameras You Can Watch From Your Smartphone

Cool Surveillance Cameras You Can Watch From Your Smartphone

21 June 2018
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When most homeowners think of adding a surveillance system to their home, they envision these expensive setups with multiple cameras, a bunch of wires, and a room set up for viewing all of the captured videos. This may be what home surveillance once looked like, but in the age of technology, home surveillance cameras are a lot cooler. You can get all kinds of neat surveillance cameras, some that don't look like cameras at all, that you can watch from your smartphone. Check out this short list of some of the cool surveillance cameras you can get for your home. 

Light Bulb Surveillance Camera

Imagine this: you screw in what looks like a light bulb on your front porch, turn it on, and connect it to your home Wi-Fi system. You pick up your smartphone, log into an app, and you get a crystal clear view of your front porch and anything going on in the general vicinity. This is actually possible with a light bulb surveillance camera, which is one of the coolest types of hidden cameras out there. These cameras function just like a regular bulb, but they have a camera built in inconspicuously to give you an easy-access view of what is taking place wherever the bulb is screwed in at your home. 

Teddy Bear Surveillance Cameras

Maybe you have a babysitter who you want to keep an eye on when you are not around, or perhaps you just want a cute way to keep an eye on your little one when they are in their room playing. Teddy bear surveillance cameras look and feel just like a stuffed animal, right down to the huggable stature. However, these stuffed animals hold cameras inside of them that get a view through one or both of the eyes of the bear. Best of all, you can get on your phone and watch the world in your child's room through the eyes of a teddy bear that no one would suspect has an ulterior purpose. 

Clock Surveillance Cameras

What if you could have a look at what is going on in your kitchen any time you chose to do so through the wall clock hanging on the wall? There are actually all kinds of wall clocks that serve the dual purpose of the surveillance of your home when you are away. A tiny camera integrated into the clock allows you to keep tabs on things without anyone knowing that you have a way to watch. 

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