Getting An Alarm System? 2 Must Have Components To Include In Your Security Package

Getting An Alarm System? 2 Must Have Components To Include In Your Security Package

10 April 2018
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Installing an alarm system in your place of residence is about much more than just keeping intruders out of your home. Alarm systems increase your peace of mind and help you to feel calm and relaxed when you're at home. If you've never had an alarm system before or it's been some time since you had one there are lots of new features that you may not know about. These additional features are there to make your house even more secure and can truly help to keep you safe. Keep reading to learn more about two key features that you should include in your new security bundle.

1. Glass Breaking Detectors Are Essential

Traditional sensors are placed just slightly above or adjacent to the windows and doors in your house. When the door or window opens the sensor emits a chime so that you are aware of the movement. While this is certainly beneficial it doesn't address the issues that arise when you have glass panes in your doors and windows. These sensors usually won't go off if the glass breaks. If you are asleep and someone breaks the glass and tries to enter your home you might not even know about it.

Talk with your security professional about adding glass breaking sensors to your security package. These sensors are designed to sound off when the glass breaks as opposed to only chiming when the entire door or window is opened. 

2. Home Automation Technology Is Essential

Another great feature that you should include in your residential security package is home automation technology. Home automation technology puts you in control, not only giving you the ability to see what's happening in your home from a remote location but also allowing you to control what takes place from a distant location.

Think about those days when you're running late for work. As you rush around trying to make sure that you're grabbing everything it's easy to forget to lock the door. Thoughts of whether you locked the door or not could plague you so much that you end up turning around and going back home to double check. If you have home automation technology, you can press a button on your Smartphone and lock the door as you're headed to the office.

There is simply no price that you can put on feeling safe and secure. Include these features in your security package, and you're on the right track to protecting what belongs to you. For more information, contact your preferred alarm companies.